Here’s Henry at his preschool program for Thanksgiving. He has adored going to preschool this year. We love Ms. Karen!

I had a lot of family in Wyoming coming to Utah for Thanksgiving. The roads can be impassable, but all of them made it no problem. Then we woke up to over a foot of snow. Crazy! We would have had a snow day for sure, and I wasn’t sure if we’d make it down to my parents. We did make it out after a lot of shoveling, luckily it was warm and not at all icy.


The only picture I took at Thanksgiving was of my twin sister and me. IMG_20191128_123011404

I am so grateful all of my family was able to get together and enjoy each other. I have a wonderful family and parents.

Scavenger Hunt

I love organizing and participating in scavenger hunts. My family has gotten used to me giving them a clue and proceeding to do weird things for the next hour or so.

For this one, we went to the Cemetary, Tabernacle, Pioneer Park, a consignment store the kids actually loved and ended at Isle Isle for candy.


If you are even in Brigham City and want to do a scavenger hunt, I’m your girl. And if I’m ever visiting you and you want to make me happy: give me a scavenger hunt.


I want my children to bring home two things as homework: dioramas and science fair projects. After building a model train set-up we had lots of diorama stuff. Peter brought home an assignment to make a diorama of a desert. So all the kids made dioramas.


We went on a fun drive and hike up by Pineview. There wasn’t anyone around and it was beautiful. November is one of favorite times to hike. It was so warm we quickly shed our jackets.


Finally, a beautiful fall sunrise.



Here is an overload of mostly baby pictures. I love having Zack around. He makes life more complex and difficult…But it is so fun to see him grown up and do cute baby things. He brings more love into my life. ZackBlessing-112ZackBlessing-240ZackBlessing-239ZackBlessing-073ZackBlessing-280ZackBlessing-252ZackBlessing-229ZackBlessing-216ZackBlessing-214ZackBlessing-197ZackBlessing-186ZackBlessing-143ZackBlessing-086ZackBlessing-057ZackBlessing-047ZackBlessing-043ZackBlessing-039ZackBlessing-038ZackBlessing-031ZackBlessing-025ZackBlessing-023


It’s such a weird holiday. I do the bare minimum. The kids get costumes that can double as pajamas. We went to a party that my sister-in-law had that was a lot of fun. We had a scout carnival and went trick-or-treating. This year Peter and Curtis went out on their own and had a great time. My win for the year was trading in candy for toys.

IMG_20191026_130306087image-272927783_2655578951128818_4037884671218941952_n (1)-2

Quick Fall Hike

Here’s more hiking in the fall, because fall is the best time to hike. Even when I am pretty out of shape because I had a baby two months ago. Just Joe and I, + baby because baby goes everywhere with me. It was nice to spend some time away from the children, which I love but can also be loud.

I love where I live, it’s a beautiful small town. By the way, two-month-old babies are hard. But luckily he is calming down and things are getting a bit easier.

Fall Break

The kids had fall break and I wanted to go do something. I love to travel. But with a fairly young baby, I didn’t want to go somewhere far or very long. So we went to our default location of Dead Horse Point. That’s where the kids picked to go, and it’s always a great vacation to visit cousins and see some beautiful sites.

We went and saw the sunset, hiked, and mostly enjoyed our family. On the way there we stopped at my Grandparents, and the way back we stopped at the Springville Art Museum and Provo Library.


I was glad that I didn’t go far: by the end of our car ride back, Zack was very ready to be done with his car seat.