Sledding and Ogden Nature Center

I think the key to surviving winter is to still go outside and do things.

First Day Hike

On the very first day of the year, I wanted to take the family on a hike. Last time we were up at Mantua, I thought it would be a lot of fun to walk all the way across the frozen lake. I suggested this to the boys, and they were actually enthusiastic. Peter never wants to go hiking, and he thought it sounded fun. So, off we went.


It was a bit snowy, but we weren’t too concerned. It is only a half-mile across the lake, and the journey out there was rather fun. We made it across no problem.

Then the snow started to pick up. And we had to hike back into the wind, instead of having the wind at our backs. What started out quite pleasant turned into what felt like a course in winter survival. We were pelted with snow and could no longer see across to the other side of the lake.

There were no other options, so we started the miserable walk back. Because we couldn’t see very well, we were often going the wrong way and had to correct course, forming a zig-zag back instead of a straight line. I was so proud of the children for not complaining and just putting down their heads and hiking. (Zack slept through the whole thing. He was very bundled next to Mom.)

We made it back a bit soggily. The kids went down a hill sledding, and then we went home and had hot chocolate. And in all actuality, the whole hike only took an hour. A very memorable hour.



Zack: I’m staring out with Zack, because he was the biggest news of our family in 2019. Our year started out with learning he was coming this year, and then he surprised us some more by coming five weeks early and spending almost three weeks in the NICU learning to eat. We love having him and seeing him grow, three thumbs and all.

Henry: Henry started the year in daycare, and switched to preschool when the school year started. He played soccer, and loves cuddle time, art, and is actively learning to read.

Curtis: Curtis finished first grade and started second. He’s in Spanish immersion and is tolerating school. He did football, soccer, and basketball, and also did some piano. He loves playing with friends and most of all video games.

Peter: Peter finished third grade and started fourth. He loves school. He played football, soccer, and continues to improve on the piano. His favorite thing is of course basketball. He loves the NBA and shoots hoops every day.

Liz: Liz is over halfway through her masters in landscape architecture program, but then decided to add a second degree in instructional technology because she loves school. The children, home and garden keep her life busy.

Joe: Joe continued his employment at Pioneer Care Center, but did switch employers halfway through the year when the company he works for was bought out. He started working at Maple Springs occasionally to add some variety. He continues to love woodturning in his spare time, which isn’t very much.

We went on lots of small vacations to Moab, St. George, Capitol Reef, City of Rocks, Twin Falls, and Grandma’s house. We took a big vacation to Las Vegas, Sequoia and Yosemite. We grew a big garden in our new raised beds we built this year. Liz still drags everyone out hiking all the time, and we went swimming and found lots of opportunities to have fun.

Top 20 pictures:




We had a great Christmas. The boys got most of what they wanted, including a VR headset. We had lots of time with extended family and enjoyed a nice, normal Christmas.

Pictures from Christmas related activities, since I didn’t take any actually on Christmas.


Henry had a birthday. He loves stuffed animals, and sometimes drawing, and is a sweet kid except for when he screams/cries which happens a lot with two older brothers.


We went up to Mantua sledding and out on the lake. Right before we left, I spend a lot of time getting all the kids in warm gear. Curtis and Henry stood on our pond in the front yard. They fell in. Henry had wet snow pants and boots. Very annoying, but we found him another pair of boots and off we went. Then at the lake, he stepped on a fishing hole that was fresh and fell in all the way up to his leg. It was a very cold walk back to the car.


After Christmas, we took a trip down to St. George and enjoyed the hotel pool, warmer weather, red rocks, and Children’s museum.


Fun story: while at the Children’s museum I saw two families I know from Brigham City…and later on someone on Facebook posted that they had accidentally switched a shoe from someone in Brigham. It wasn’t me but was one of the people I saw, so they were able to get in touch and trade shoes back. Social media is pretty cool. Also, it’s crazy to meet up with people on accident who live five minutes away when you are on vacation five hours away.


The kids did their basketball skills camp and quite enjoyed it.




Here’s Henry at his preschool program for Thanksgiving. He has adored going to preschool this year. We love Ms. Karen!

I had a lot of family in Wyoming coming to Utah for Thanksgiving. The roads can be impassable, but all of them made it no problem. Then we woke up to over a foot of snow. Crazy! We would have had a snow day for sure, and I wasn’t sure if we’d make it down to my parents. We did make it out after a lot of shoveling, luckily it was warm and not at all icy.


The only picture I took at Thanksgiving was of my twin sister and me. IMG_20191128_123011404

I am so grateful all of my family was able to get together and enjoy each other. I have a wonderful family and parents.

Scavenger Hunt

I love organizing and participating in scavenger hunts. My family has gotten used to me giving them a clue and proceeding to do weird things for the next hour or so.

For this one, we went to the Cemetary, Tabernacle, Pioneer Park, a consignment store the kids actually loved and ended at Isle Isle for candy.


If you are even in Brigham City and want to do a scavenger hunt, I’m your girl. And if I’m ever visiting you and you want to make me happy: give me a scavenger hunt.