Bird Refuge

We are supposed to be staying home. But I’m not good at that. So instead we are finding adventures that allow us to keep up our “social distancing.” We drove out to the bird refuge. I’m the only family member who thought this was a good idea. The rest went on the promise of treats and snacks. It was beautiful. Most everyone else thought it was a waste of time.

Luckily I live with a bunch of people who like to play at home.


It Sounds Like a Badly Written Story

Last week, life was normal.

Then my school was canceled and all my classwork switched to online.

And there was this crazy virus and everything was canceled and everyone was basically quarantined so everyone didn’t die.

And then church was canceled.

And then school was canceled.

And then my Grandma died.

And then there was an earthquake.

And then it hailed.

And there is no more toilet paper at the stores.

Um…I wish I was just joking. All of this happened in one week. I am grateful for my faith that says the righteous need not fear.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo. We had free passes that expired by the end of the month. The zoo was not yet closed, so we went. The zoo is now closed.


And here’s some happy baby pictures my friend took because right now we all need happy baby pictures. And happy babies, because Mom is totally frazzled trying to homeschool everyone and do her own school.  (And in actuality the baby is probably teething….)


Cutting Back

I have been feeling overwhelmed occasionally. I would not suggest going to graduate school with a baby. But here I am. I don’t want to quit school and I love my baby. We are figuring it out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when it is very hard.

Lately, I’ve been pondering this quote from President Russell Nelson:

Part of this endeavor will require you to put aside many things of this world. Sometimes we speak almost casually about walking away from the world with its contention, pervasive temptations, and false philosophies. But truly doing so requires you to examine your life meticulously and regularly. As you do so, the Holy Ghost will prompt you about what is no longer needful, what is no longer worthy of your time and energy.

As you shift your focus away from worldly distractions, some things that seem important to you now will recede in priority. You will need to say no to some things, even though they may seem harmless. As you embark upon and continue this lifelong process of consecrating your life to the Lord, the changes in your perspective, feelings, and spiritual strength will amaze you!

I’ve been wondering what I can cut back on and didn’t come up with any sort of answer for a long time. But yesterday as I was pondering, I wrote this list of things I need to cut back on.

  • Self-doubt, feeling inadequate
  • Past expectations
  • Not asking for help
  • Blaming others and myself
  • Perfectly clean garden or home
  • Tasks that don’t matter
  • Ignoring emotions that should be dealt with
  • Not thinking clearly
  • Forgetting to ask God for help

It’s okay to be busy. But it’s also good to remember to enjoy the flowers.



The middle child had a birthday. He’s eight now. I think he’s growing up okay: he does inspire a lot of conversations about parenting between Joe and me. He’s making sure we have it figured out.

He has a great love of a lot of things: he’s probably my most well-rounded kid in some ways. He’ll try new activities and food. But he mostly loves video games and playing with friends.