Garden Pictures

After years of work, the garden is doing pretty well. If you are interested in more garden pictures, I started an Instagram account for all things gardening, find me at @responsivegardens

This rose bush is far too small to have a bloom, but it’s trying anyway. img_20200701_110752170

I know this plant looks awful. It’s being attacked by root weevils. I’m trying to get a handle on them, so this is my before picture.
I honestly grew artichokes so I could get the flowers. img_20200630_090304469img_20200630_090220102_hdrimg_20200630_090154251_hdrimg_20200630_090136379img_20200630_090120769img_20200630_090019897_hdrimg_20200630_085952494_hdrimg_20200630_085845892_hdrThese zucchini were under peas up until ten minutes before I took the picture. It’s seemed to be a great companion/succession combo.img_20200630_085928123img_20200630_085946513_hdrimg_20200630_085828261_hdrimg_20200623_082849735img_20200622_070912951img_20200622_070829630img_20200622_070852943_hdr

Goblin Valley

We went on our first summer camping trip. Luckily, it wasn’t too hot, everyone had a lot of fun, and there was only one bad crying incident in the car. We had fun climbing all over Goblin Valley, and then also went and hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon. The boys were able to make it quite a far way up the canyon and everyone loved it.



Fun in the Summer

One Saturday we decided to go up and hike the Logan River Trail. We walked from Rendevous Park to Trapper Park. The kids brought their scooters and this made a giant difference in their enjoyment of the hike. We also found a rope swing on the path. We actually walked right by it the first time (I was trying to catch up to the kids), but drove back and took a few swings.


After the hike, we stopped by for more Mantua poppies. The whole family didn’t get a picture because there was some drama centered around Pokemon Go. But I enjoyed taking photos anyway.



It’s been rather cold the last few days. With all the rain, I was hoping for a rainbow. I got one.


I’ve been working hard to get my thesis proposal written and sent off for review. Waiting for feedback is hard for me.


Getting out in nature is the best.





Curtis Baptism

It was a great day for Curtis. It took a while to come thanks to, well 2020’s been a weird year. Incidentally, I had a great-grandfather who was baptized in a bathtub because the churches were closed due to the flu pandemics. Luckily, we had a pretty normal baptism at the church. Some of our family was there, and more joined over the internet.


Summer Begins

I wasn’t sure how normal summer would be, but it’s turning out to be almost entirely normal. The children started the summer with a week of basketball camp. We’ve had plenty of neighbor kids over to play, and had fun in the garden and playing.

Porch-side preschool graduation:

We had a lot of fun with six dollars worth of shaving cream. img_7327img_7325img_7323img_7316img_7315img_7311

Building with Lego. summer-3img_20200528_095950011

Even Zack enjoyed the splash pad with help from his older brother. summer-4summer-1

Fishing and Hiking

Curtis wanted to go fishing. We don’t fish. Neither Joe or I have the patience for it. But we love our kids, so we packed up the canoe and went fishing.

When we got to the lake, I decided it made more sense if I went on a little hike with the baby and Peter (who don’t care about fishing), while Joe took Curtis and Henry out on the canoe.

An hour later, we finished our hike, no fish were caught, and we went home. We will have to go fishing again. But next time we might take along someone who knows what they are doing.


Disaster Hike

We decided to go hike up Providence Canyon in Cache Valley. There are a couple of waterfalls. Here’s what went wrong:

  • The bumpy dirt road upset my oldest child. And one of our back tires has been rather low since we got back.
  • After the bumpy road, we parked and got out to hike. It turns out that Henry didn’t have shoes. He piggybacked on Joe.
  • We picked a steep path to go up to the waterfall (there is an easier way we didn’t find until the way down).
  • We walked up the very slippery snow so we could get to the base. On the way back, Peter and I both fell down. I hit my tailbone hard and it still hurts five days later.
  • Hurtin your tailbone is quite literally a pain in the butt. Don’t do it. Don’t climb up slippery snow. Go around, or just enjoy the view from a distance.




I’ve worked as a garden designer for several years. People pay me to make planting plans. But I actually had never done a complete planting plan for my own garden. I kind of planted whatever whenever. I wanted to rectify that situation, so I re-designed the front garden with a proper planting plan. We also upgraded the pathway, and I’m quite happy with the results.


The same Saturday we finished our front garden, we went down and helped my brother install his. Two gardens in one day. It was a good day.

planting planbiterative 2img_20200502_145216048_hdrimg_20200502_145059902_hdr

Also, gardens take a while to fill in and look as intended. It’s an interesting art form to work with.

One more picture of this little cutey who started to crawl. He’s been working so hard and was finally rewarded. He went from little scootches to crawling across the room in a couple of days.



We went out west to a couple of spots that we have never been to. The first was a sulfur hot springs in the middle of nowhere. We drove by it and had to turn around to find it.


There was also an arch that we’ve driven within a mile of and didn’t know it existed.


We also bought a bunch of tents with stimulus money. We only kept three but bought a bunch to see what we liked best. Colemon makes a pop up 1-2 person and we kept two of those and one other dome test, also Colemon. (We decided that Colemon makes the best budget tent.) Also, we don’t necessarily need three tents but have found the kids do much better having their own tents.


Finally, here are a bunch of pictures of artichokes. The one in my greenhouse has gone crazy and is bigger than me.